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Interior Design Basics: 5/10 Things to Look for To be a Great Interior


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Being a successful interior designer is no piece of cake, especially with so many competitions around. You need to have a knack for designing and the will to work hard to thrive in the industry. There’s no easy way to be a great designer overnight. However, there are some basic design 101 tips that you can follow to excel in this sector. 

Take an Internship

Taking an internship before you start your career as an interior designer. For example if you are living in Dublin, you will preferably choose any Interior Design Dublin Agency.This will give you an understanding of working in a team, enhance your skills, and help you get a better grasp of the projects. Also, you will get a real-life experience of what it is like to be an interior designer. 

Choose your Niche 

Do you feel enthralled seeing a vintage chandelier? Do you have endless love for a certain color?

Having versatility is indeed a plus for an interior designer. However, you need to choose a niche so that you can educate yourself more and get clients with specific tastes in design. Take note of your inspirations and try to emphasize those when you’re discussing with the clients. 

Know your Clients

Did your mom ever buy you a dress that you absolutely hated? Well, the design is all about perception. Talk to your clients and try to note every detail that they want in the design. Of course, you’ll put your two cents in the idea but it’s essential to understand the client’s needs and requirements that they love or prefer. Try to understand their lifestyle, which rooms they will be using the most, color preferences, etc. 

Learn the Software

Interior designing is not all about choosing cute curtains or showpieces. You need to have an excellent understanding of graphics designs and architectural drawings. There are some common tools and software such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, or Planner 5D that you should learn to be a great interior designer. These softwares will help you visualize the design that you have in mind. Also, they will help you to pitch better to the clients with better details. 

Don’t Stop Learning 

Remember the small coffee shop you visited or the bookstore that made you spellbound? The great thing about interior designing that you can take inspiration from every little thing. Learning is an integral part of designing and you should always look for opportunities to enrich your knowledge. 

Learn how different color works together, how the lighting should be, or how to build around the space. There are a gazillion things that you can do with an empty space but your job as an interior designer is to figure out the best way to do that. 

Final Thoughts

Designing is not all about going with the trend. A great designer should be able to stimulate our senses and spark emotions. There is no shortcut to being a great designer. You need to have immense dedication with the proper knowledge to thrive and excel in the industry. Try to follow these tips and pave your path towards a successful interior designing career.

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